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          Connecticut On Verge of Setting Up Barriers to "Nail Technicians" Finding Work

          This is just the latest example of government regulations making it harder for people to work.

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          Latest Attack on Short-term Loans from Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders

          The Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez measure would place a 15 percent cap on consumer loans, which be devastating to the short-term loan business...

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          Bernie Sanders Crashed Walmart’s Meeting to Spread Minimum Wage Lies

          What Sanders is advocating for will steal opportunity from poor workers.

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          Common Core: A Decade of Making American Education (Even) Worse

          Common Core turns ten this month, but results from a new report suggest there’s not much reason to celebrate.

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          Are Our Libraries Becoming Daytime Homeless Shelters?

          Not surprisingly, the public library system in San Francisco has embraced its role as daytime adjunct to homeless shelters.

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          The Crusade Against Short-Term Loans Moves to California

          Well-intentioned people want to stop the option, without understanding how the system works for the unbanked.

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          How Women's Suffrage Happened: The Chronology

          Although the 19th amendment guaranteed women across the nation the right to vote, women’s suffrage had been already spreading throughout the western territories before its passage.

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          New Haven should keep Columbus Day

          Via New Haven Register

          by Jennifer C. Braceras

          Columbus Day, then, doesn’t just celebrate one man. It honors a major turning point in world history, the immigrant experience, and American ideals and aspirations generally...

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          Huckleberry Spin

          Via Commentary Magazine

          by Naomi Schaefer Riley

          Review of 'How to Raise a Boy' By Michael Reichert

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          30 years later, the Chinese people still yearn for the freedom that the Tiananmen protesters demanded

          Via Dallas News

          by Claudia Rosett

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          Kamala Harris Plan to 'Fix' the Wage Gap is Sure to Undermine Working Women

          Via The Daily Caller

          by Patrice Lee Onwuka

          Democratic presidential candidate and California Sen. Kamala Harris just announced her plan to close the gender pay gap, and it is sure to backfire on women in the workplace...

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          Kamala Harris Should Review The Equal Pay Evidence

          Via The Hill

          by Karin Agness

          Harris needs to check her facts. Otherwise, she risks misleading the American people and championing bad policy.

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          Bernie Sanders Bashes Walmart Execs Claiming Minimum Wage Isn't High Enough ? Coast to Coast

          Upcoming Disclosures to Shed Light on Spying Scandal ? Hannity

          Stossel: The Paid Leave Fairy Tale ? Reason TV


          Eyewitness to the Tiananmen massacre June 3-4, 1989 ? The John Batchelor Show ? Listen >>>

          Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Suffrage with Heather Higgins ? Listen >>>

          Kamala Harris's "equal pay" hoax ? Breitbart News Tonight ? Listen >>>


          Mandated Paid Time Off Is Not Only Bad for Most Businesses, It's Bad for Many Women

          Via PJ Media

          by Patrice Lee Onwuka

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          Having Achieved World Peace, UN Turns Its Attention to Alexa and Siri—Symbols of the Patriarchy

          Via PJ Media

          by Charlotte Hays

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          What you don’t know can’t keep you healthy

          Via The Washington Post

          by Jamie Wells

          A virus with a “terrible” hacking cough eclipsed Deirdre Girard’s recent South American cruise on the Viking Sun. But for the playwright and her husband, the real disappointment set in after they got home...

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